Consulting and Strategy Services

Business Consulting

Benefit from our combined education and experience in various industries. As small business owners we know some of the challenges you will face. We can aid you in making decisions, understanding your business and asking the right questions.

Breakeven Cost Analysis

Do you want to know the point where you start making money? With the right information we can break down your costs and sales mix. We can then tell you how much you need in sales revenue to break even or meet a specific target income.

Tax Planning

Do you want to know an estimate of what you will receive or owe before tax time? We can help you with both your personal and business tax planning. We can help you determine:

  • How best to draw your business income
  • The advantages of renting or buying
  • How much and when to set aside money for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • How much to deduct from additional income sources such as employment or pensions


Have you ever wondered what your business might look like in the future? We can help you plan and compare alternatives for both the short and long term. Given certain criteria we can build:

  • Projected cash flow statements
  • Projected income statements, and balance sheets
  • Reasonable budgets and goals