Year End Services

Year End Services


We offer individual tax returns as well as business returns and financial statement compilations. Not only will we provide you with documents, but also interpretation and understanding. You will get an overview of your performance, along with potential areas for improvement.

Tax Returns

Even without business expenses it can be difficult to determine what you can and can not claim on your return.  We offer tax preparation for individuals and small businesses. Get clarification and credits you could potentially miss.


When tax season comes around there is more than just tax returns to consider. Your company may be required to report income on various T-slips. The most common of which is a T4 for employment income, but you may also have capital gains, dividends, interest or self-employed commissions to report.

Financial Statements

Financial statements compilation that meet your needs. If other owners or creditors are involved you may need more complex statements. We are trained to follow Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE) with the appropriate understanding to explain to you what it all means. For other cases, we also offer a simple summary of your income.